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Just register your trading account and prove your trading results are worthy of investors around the world.

Earn Sharing Profit From All The Investors

Becoming a Signal Provider is another way to be successful.

  • Any Trading Account
  • Any brokers
  • Auto Profit Share
  • Full report
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Billing details

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Make sure your trading account has been registered at https://sp.sofinx.com to be able to get an #ID number and Signal name

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Order review

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Please make a partner change request

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  • 2. Enter partner link https://one.exnesstrack.net/a/utmh2rd3

  • 3. Submit and please wait for the process.

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    Please detached my account # from my current group (If attached) and to be attached to Partner ID #33975277.
    This issue is quite urgent for me, so please make this change as soon as possible.


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3. Open the app and connect.

Maximize your income from profit sharing from the investors.


If you are still having trouble accessing the website above, you can follow the instructions below.

You can register the signal for free with the coupons.

Of course this is safe, being a Trader / Signal Provider only requires an investor password, or you can also enter your trading password.

Yes, you can set a minimum deposit for investors and a profit sharing percentage in the trader panel.

You will only be charged 10% each time you earn profit sharing and $30 each time you withdraw funds.

All strategies are allowed, including using any type of trading robot.

There are no restrictions, all types of trading accounts are allowed.

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